Know Language policy to pass Hindi NAATI CCL

Language policy gives you a clear idea of how to prepare for Hindi NAATI CCL

What is Hindi NAATI CCL?

Hindi NAATI CCL is a test that National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) sets to check the ability to interpret messages and meanings. In this test, a candidate has to interpret meaning from English to Hindi and vice versa. Based on the quality of interpretation NAATI CCL examiner decides whether a candidate passes or not. For that NAATI has some standard guidelines and marking criteria. Understanding those criteria is vital to pass Hindi NAATI CCL.

Why Hindi NAATI CCL a must?

If a candidate passes the Hindi NAATI CCL test s/he would be awarded five bonus points for Australian point-based skilled migration visas. This makes NAATI Hindi CCL test a must pass to become an Australian permanent resident. This means Hindi NAATI CCL boosts the chance to get an invitation for an Australian skilled visa application. 

Is Hindi NAATI CCL hard to pass?

It is not that hard to pass Hindi CCL if you prepare for the test once you really understand the test, testing policy, and Australian contexts from NAATI sets questions.

Though you may be a good Hindi speaker you may fail this Hindi CCL test if you do not prepare it with the right approach. Many Indian students failed this test twice or thrice who brought up in a Hindi environment. Because this test is not only related to English and Hindi translation, it’s more about Australian values and life. Interpretation questions in the text rooted in Australian real-life contexts, so understanding Australian values and life scenarios are key to pass Hindi NAATI CCL. Understanding the NAATI CCL Test format also important.

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Why many fail Hindi NAATI CCL?

A mismatch between what is expected and what is performed makes a candidate fail in the Hindi CCL test. If one excessively focused on Hindi and English vocabulary and depends on audio practice materials rather than developing an understanding of the Australian social context chance to get a fail result would high. For this test understanding, Australian social context is a must to pass this test for five points toward Australian permanent residency. 

What helps to pass Hindi CCL?

First and foremost is your understanding, why is the test for? It’s not only to charge you some dollars and award five points. Australia wants new migrants to know and understand Australian life and society before granted to live and work permanently in Australia. So be informed about Australian social supports and contexts is vital. Other are note-taking, and presentation skills if you are a good speaker and note taker and got a good insight about Aussie life you pass this exam, no need to enroll in any course and listen to dozens of practice audios.

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Know Language policy to pass Hindi NAATI CCL - CCLPractice
Understanding NAATI Language policy is a must

NAATI has a different approach to languages for CCL testing. In some languages, NAATI accepts frequent use of English words in some not. Before you sit for the test understand the NAATI policy for Hindi CCL.

No English

For the Hindi CCL test, NAATI does not accept mixing English words while interpreting from English to Hindi. Yes, in real life you use English frequently in Hindi conversation but not accepted in the NAATI CCL Test. If a candidate does this in real life s/he will be penalized for that. It means if you got some words like million and billion in your dialogue need to convert those figures in Hindi Lakh and Crore and if Lakh and Crore in Hindi conversation should be converted in million and billion.

Technical, scientific jargons allowed

NAATI would not penalize using English worlds in Hindi which are commonly understood by Hindi speakers especially in the technology and science field.

Must understand regional variation

Hindi is a widely spoken language and its vocabulary and usage are different among the different parts of India or the world. Hindi users in Delhi and Punjab use the same language but the meaning and pronunciation would be different. If you are sitting for the Hindi CCL Test you must understand regional variation. In such case, NAATI will make allowances in the marking process.

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