An idea on CCL Language policy helps pass Punjabi NAATI CCL

NAATI’s CCL Language policy gives you an idea of how to use your language skill to pass Punjabi NAATI CCL


What is Punjabi NAATI CCL?

Punjabi NAATI CCL is a test by National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) to authenticate your ability to interpret messages and meanings in English and from the English language. In this test, you have to interpret meanings from English to Punjabi and vice versa from a given situation. Based on the quality of interpretation NAATI CCL examiner provides marks to your interpretation skill whether you pass or not. NAATI has set some standard guidelines and marking criteria to test your language skill. Understanding those criteria gives you an idea to pass Punjabi NAATI CCL. 

Why Punjabi NAATI CCL a must?

Passing the Punjabi NAATI CCL test means 5 extra points for Australian Permanent Residency. One would get awarded five bonus points for Australian point-based skilled migration visas such as subclass 189, 190. In the current competitive scenario, the NAATI Punjabi CCL test became a must pass test to get an Australian permanent residency. This Punjabi NAATI CCL test boosts the chance to get invited for an Australian skilled visa application.

Is Punjabi NAATI CCL hard?


No… yes… depends on how you take this. It is not easy to pass Punjabi CCL if you prepare for the test without really understand the test, testing policy, and Australian contexts from NAATI sets questions.

Many Punjabis who is a good speaker failed this test because of their too much reliance on keywords and practice audios from training institutes. If you do not prepare for the test with the right approach it’s hard to pass. But If you got a good insight on this test it’s very easy to pass the NAATI Punjabi Test in one go. This test is more about Australian values and life so if you read and go through the resources on the Punjabi Language it’s easy to pass the test. All NAATI CCL questions rooted in Australian real-life contexts, so understanding Australian values and life scenarios are key to pass Punjabi NAATI CCL. Understanding the NAATI CCL Test format also an important thing.

Why many fail Punjabi NAATI CCL?

A mismatch between expected and performed makes a candidate fail in the Punjabi CCL test. If you excessively focused on Punjabi and English vocabulary and dependent on audio practice materials rather than developing an understanding of the Australian social context chance to get a fail result would high. For this test, understanding the Australian social context is a must to pass. Reading multicultural information by the government would be key to pass the test.

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An idea on CCL Language policy helps pass Punjabi NAATI CCL - CCLPractice

What helps to pass Punjabi CCL?

First and foremost is your understanding, why is the test for? It’s not only to charge you some dollars and award five points. Australia wants new migrants to know and understand Australian life and society before granted to live and work permanently in Australia. So be informed about Australian social supports and contexts is vital. Other are note-taking, and presentation skills if you are a good speaker and note taker and got a good insight about Aussie life you pass this exam, no need to enroll in any course and listen to dozens of practice audios.

Understanding NAATI CCL Language policy is a must

NAATI has a different approach to languages for each language CCL testing. In some languages, NAATI accepts frequent use of English words in some not. Before you sit for the test understand the NAATI policy for Punjabi CCL.

Mixing Some English is allowed

During the test, if you mix-up some English words with Punjabi which is commonly understood by the majority of Punjabi speakers in Australia it would be OK. No marks reduction applies. Words like mobile phone, fridge, 3G network, Satellite are ok to while interpreting from English to Punjabi.

Not much English, another language a big no-no

Do not mix English as well as other language words while interpreting in Punjabi. You can only use words that would easily understand by other common Punjabi speakers around the world. If you such words either from English or any other language you would be penalized. Using words such as because, marriage, documents would slice your mark. Do not use English frequently and never mix words from a third language.

The number always in Punjabi

During the test and interpretation when you need to refer to any numbers you must need Punjabi numerals. For example, if any English sequence has thirty-six you must use Chhattee in your Punjabi interpretation. If not you would be penalized. If any figure comes with millions in English you must convert that into Lakhs and crores and vice versa.

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