Three things must improve to pass NAATI CCL Test

Pass the NAATI CCL Test is another significant step toward securing an invitation to apply for an Australian Permanent Residency. The test rewards candidates five extra points on their Expression of Interest Application for Australian Permanent Residency visas; this is the reason many international students and skilled migration aspirants are trying to pass this NAATI CCL Test.

To make a strong point score on Expression of Interest for Australian Permanent Residency visas, the NAATI CCL Test is reasonably easier and cheaper than other options. Professional Year, which also contributes 5 points, takes a whole year to complete with thousands of dollars cost. Another reason behind the popularity of the NAATI CCL Test is it’s more comfortable in comparison to other tests NAATI runs that also awards five extra points for the Australian Permanent Residency application process.

NAATI CCL Test format

NAATI CCL Test consists of two dialogues that include a conversation between two different language speakers, a native English speaker and another native speaker of LOTE (Language Other Than English). They talk in an interview format based on one of the Australian social scenarios. Dialogue consists of 300 words, which would be divided into 8-12 segments. During the test, a candidate listens to one segment in English following the response by a LOTE segment. And, a candidate has to interpret into another language as soon as the speaker finishes the segment. The examiner plays and pauses the dialogue recording and records the response. The test duration would be 20 to 25 minutes.

 Three things must improve to pass NAATI CCL Test - CCL Practice
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How the NAATI CCL Test accessed?

 Three things must improve to pass NAATI CCL Test - CCL Practice
An email from NAATI to inform a candidate who passed the NAATI CCL Test for the Nepali language. Image: Nepalese NAATI and PTE

NAATI CCL Test is a test that examines a candidate’s ability to interpret messages into another language for the Australian NAATI CCL Test’s scenario English and LOTE. According to NAATI, there will be two examiners who assess a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in both languages based on accuracy, language quality, and speech delivery. Language quality and Language register are significant factors that determine success in the test.
Accuracy, Distortions, Omissions, and Insertions are considered as errors candidates may make during the test that would contribute to marks deduction that consequently makes you fail CCL Test.


In the test, a candidate should interpret the message accurately, what they have listened to. Do not assume anything for the missed section. Candidate should try to make:

No Major Omissions
No Major Distortions
No Major Unjustified Insertions
No Excessive Requests for Repetition

To improve your accuracy in interpretation, increase radio listening, and improve your knowledge of Australian social scenarios.

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Quality of Language

During the test candidate’s presentations must meet general rules of the language they use, such as grammar, pronunciation, sentence formation in both languages English and LOTE. The test taker should make:

No Inappropriate Choice of Register in English
No Unidiomatic Usage in English
No Incorrect Sentence Structures in English
No Grammatical Errors in English
No Unsatisfactory Pronunciation in English
No Inappropriate Choice of the register in LOTE  
No Unidiomatic Usage in LOTE 
No Incorrect Sentence Structures in LOTE 
No Grammatical errors in LOTE 
No Unsatisfactory errors in LOTE 

Reading literature such as news, blogs, and magazines would help to make better language skills.

Quality of Delivery

Candidates must present themselves confident during the test that would help handle the situation. Avoiding pauses, hesitation, and self-correction is a good idea. Try to make:

No Excessive pauses
No Excessive hesitations
No Excessive self-corrections

Practice, practice and more practice is the only way to improve the quality of delivery.

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